Getting Started

Log in to Spot

To Log In to Spot go to We recommend bookmarking this on both your computer and your phone for easier access. If you do not yet have an account or are logged out, you’ll see a screen asking you to input your email address. Please input the email address you plan to use for calendar invites and work meetings. After you input your email, you’ll be sent a verification code via email. Enter your verification code and you’ll be automatically redirected to your Spot homepage. Tap the icon in the top left corner to change your account details such as name, photo, email and bio.

Create a new room

Creating a new Spot is easy! Head to your homepage on Spot. Hit the bottom button that says “Create New Spot.” From there you’ll be taken to your Spot details page. Here you can change the name of the meeting to something like “Best Meeting Ever” and hit save. You can invite attendees in two different ways. First, you can invite them directly via email towards the bottom of the page. Or you can hit the copy link and paste that into the location field of a calendar event. Anyone who has the link will be able to join your meeting. This Spot will live on your homepage so you can access it any time in the future. We’ll cover updating your shared agenda in another video. Enjoy the walk.

Add people to a room

When you first set up a Spot Meeting Room, you’ll be prompted to invite people via email or with a link. You’ll also be able to invite people to an existing room. Just hit the gear but towards the upper right hand corner. From there you can type in an email address and hit the “+” to add them to the meeting. They’ll receive an email notification with a link to join. Alternatively, you can hit the copy link button and easily paste the link into a calendar invite. 

Start Meeting

From your Spot homepage, scroll down until you find the Spot Meeting you want to begin. Click into that Meeting Room. You’ll be able to see your Meeting Details for this meeting, as well as looking into details from past instances of this meeting. If you need to invite someone last minute you can copy the link to the meeting and send it their way. Hit “Join Meeting” to start the meeting. You’ll hear a chirp when other meeting attendees join the room. 
If you don’t see a room, follow these instructions to create a room.

Schedule a Meeting

There are various ways to schedule a meeting in Spot. First, you’ll create a Spot Meeting Room that is unique to all instances of the meeting. For instance, a daily stand-up will always happen in the same Spot Meeting Room. As you create the room, you’ll be asked to invite attendees via email or with a link you can paste directly into a calendar invite. Once you create the room, you’ll be able to edit your shared agenda/notes and copy the link to the room to send out to all invitees via text, Slack, etc.

Meeting Features

Activate transcriptions

Spot is enabled with AI that will transcribe the last 45 seconds of a call for you into a “moment.”. To activate the transcription feature you can just say “Spot, Fetch!” and our virtual assistant, aptly named Spot, will grab the moment for you or you can hit the blue button in the bottom left corner. You’ll hear a little beep signifying to all attendees that a moment was captured. Here’s a super brilliant idea that we should capture as a moment.

Shared Agenda

For every instance of a meeting, you’ll be able to update the shared notes section. Most people use this feature to create a collaborative agenda before a meeting begins, highlight action items after a call, or jot down key aspects of a call in addition to using Spot’s transcription feature. These notes can be viewed by all meeting participants before, during, and after the meeting. To view notes from past meetings, hit the previous meetings option and scroll to the meeting you would like to view.


Audio Help

  • Make sure you grant access to the microphone. Under Safari AA  > Website Settings > Microphone: Allow.
  • Make sure you are correctly using your headsets/AirPods and the volume is high enough.
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection.If all is ok, try refreshing the page.

Participant Limit

There is no hard limit. But there is a limitation on client device resources, such as processing power and bandwidth. I.e. a mid-range device can perfectly handle up to 5 participants with their microphone opened. It does mean that there may be more than 5 participants connected but muted.

Bandwidth Needed

Minimum requirement for bandwidth: 10KBps * unmuted participants, so i.e for 5 participants, it would need around 50KBps of bandwidth.
As a side note, the technology that we're using can adapt to available bandwidth, so if there is more bandwidth available it'll consume more, so the audio quality will be better.

Data Volume

Compared with other meeting platforms, data volume is relatively low as we don't use video. It requires a minimum of 6-10 KBps per unmuted participant, which means that it'll consume around 22-36 MB/hour per participant that is producing audio (unmuted).

Battery usage

Medium to high, reduced when the screen is locked.

Privacy Settings

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