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Our Mission

At Spot, our goal is to help professionals find a better balance between work and life.

We believe in a world where you can have productive, collaborative, virtual interactions with coworkers while doing things that promote a healthier, happier you.

We believe that the ability to take your meetings on the move increases engagement, sparks creativity, and decreases burnout.

Whether you are a walker, a pacer or a sun-seeker - we created Spot for you. 

Our story

Spot co-founders, Greg Caplan and Hans Petter (HP) Eikemo, were working remotely before working remotely was the cool thing to do.

From the beginning, they’ve been finding ways to hack digital tools to continue to lead productive, efficient, and collaborative remote teams. While they, and their employees, were enjoying the freedoms that come with remote working, there were some challenges. Challenges that all boiled down to communication.

At the time, remote working was relatively new so their teams defaulted to using video calls. Soon after, Greg and HP, realized that their new freedom was only as far as the wifi signal reached and their new found freedom was feeling awfully sedentary. 

So like any innovative duo, the two found ways to hack traditional video calls to be a bit more mobile. What they found was more than a greater sense of freedom - they felt more engaged in the meetings, more creative, and were feeling happier and healthier overall. 
Nearly a decade later, they’ve combined forces to bring Spot to life. A tool that helps make the remote lifestyle work for you. It allows users to continue to collaborate and produce top-notch work while finding balance in their daily routines for an all around happier and healthier lifestyle - no matter where you are. 

Our values

Be a Walker

We take ownership, we take action, and encourage others to do the same.
We walk the talk and we move forward. Follow the path while taking steps towards our mission.

Be a Listener

We believe that communication starts by listening and being open to different perspectives.
Everybody has something to teach us if we can understand what they are saying.

Make healthy choices

Take care of yourself and others.
Make every step meaningful.

Enjoy the walk

We encourage everyone to have fun and give them the tools to help them grow.
We take the time to stop and celebrate our achievements.We walk together, and we help carry the load. We are walkers

Meet the team!

Spanning the globe, our team is changing the way the world collaborates.
With decades of remote work experience under our collective belt, we created the meeting tool we wish we’d had years ago. We’ve put Spot to the test on neighborhood walks through Chicago. We’ve fetched moments while taking our dog to the park in Buenos Aires.
Now it’s your turn! We hope you enjoy Spot as much as we do.

Greg walking
Chicago, US
HP Team Member
Hans Petter (HP)
New York, US
Austin, US
Jenny Team Member
Chicago, US
Pol Team Member
Product Manager
Podgorica, ME
Joy Ravazenghi Team Member
Bariloche, AR
Yani Team Member
Visual Designer
Buenos Aires, AR
Cata Team Member
Social Media Manager
Barcelona, SP
mavale culiau
Backend engineer
Córdoba, AR
Lucho Team Member
Front-End Manager
Buenos Aires, AR
Gus Team Member
QA & DevOps Manager
Buenos Aires, AR
Stephen Team Member
IOS Engineer
Dallas, US
Seba Team Member
QA Engineer
Buenos Aires, AR
Momo Team Member
Santiago, CH
Adrian team member
Android Engineer
san jose, CR
Nico Team Member
Talent Consultant
Buenos Aires, AR
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