Woman jumping out from her laptop

Sick of sitting on video meetings all day?

Break free from your desktop. Get up and try a walking meeting with Spot.

Add movement to your workday routine

Add movement to your workday routine

Spot is a collaboration tool
built to support walking meetings.
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Jot down agenda items to discuss

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Simply share your personal room link

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Join the meeting and enjoy the walk!

You’re built for walking.
So is Spot.

Don’t feel guilty for leaving your desk. Collaborate and contribute to your Spot meetings with features designed to enhance your meeting experience.

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Meeting Notes

Trust that your notes and recordings are securely stored within the platform.

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Access your saved notes at any time.

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Listen to full meeting recordings to review in detail.

Activate your body to activate your brain

There’s a reason why many of history’s most accomplished and creative people were walkers. Improve focus, boost creativity, and stay productive when you take your meetings on the go.

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Walk with us!

Try Spot, your mobile meeting companion.