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Sick of Video Meetings?

Video meetings are incredibly taxing mentally and emotionally. While they are great for many conversations that require building trust with new people, they might not be necessary for some conversations.

You've been sitting too much, you should

Take Spot for a walk

Walking gets your blood flowing and heart rate up, which supports focus and cognitive clarity. The issue with walking meetings is that its hard to review materials and take notes for follow up.That's where Spot comes in. Spot is here to help.

Spot's Tricks


Shared agenda

Spot creates a mobile optimized shared agenda for each meeting that is always in the same place.


Calls with support

While you are talking, you can simply tap your screen or say 'spot fetch' to annotate the section of your call you want to remember.


Fetch next steps

Spot will neatly organize your notes into a simple and digestible format.

Spot is coming soon

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